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Shop 20 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale
Anywhere in the United States

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Benefits and Common Uses of 20 ft Steel Shipping Containers

  • Medium sized container fits in most vacant locations while still a substantial size
  • Great way to store or move personal items
  • Ground level containers makes it easy to climb in-and-out safely
  • Lock up construction tools, materials, and vehicles to keep them safe and secure
  • Keep your materials out of the weather elements
  • Portable and relocatable to adapt to your site easily affordable
  • Popular with the retail, restaurant, and construction Industries
  • New home building movement

*Not all container sizes and conditions are available for rent, please check our inventory or contact us to inquire about any options you do not see on our online store.

Price Range To Rent


Price Range to Buy

$1,100 - $5,000

What fits in a 20 Foot Shipping Container?

A 20’ metal shipping container is one of the most common sized cargo containers. The other most common size is 40 ft. long. So just how large is a 20 foot shipping container? Industry standards suggest that a one or two bedroom apartment or 1 standard passenger vehicle can typically fit in a 20 ft. shipping container. But to give you the precise dimensions of a 20 foot container, check out the tables below:

20 ft. Shipping Container Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions of 20 ft. Containers
Type of Container Height Height
Width Width
Length Length
Standard 20 foot Shipping Container 8ft. 6in. 2.59m 8ft. 2.44m 20 ft. 6.06 m
High Cube 20 ft. Shipping Container 9ft. 6in. 2.89m 8ft. 2.44m 20ft. 6.06 m
Internal 20 Foot Container Dimensions
Type of Container Height Height
Width Width
Length Length
Standard 20 foot Shipping Container 7ft. 10 in. 2.38m. 7ft. 8.5in. 2.35m. 19ft. 8in. 5.9m
High Cube 20ft. Shipping Container 8ft. 9in. 2.69m. 7ft. 8.5in. 2.35m. 19ft. 8in. 5.9m
Volume of 20 ft. Containers
Type of Container Volume Volume
Standard 20 ft. Shipping Container 1,170 cubic ft. 33.1 cubic m
High Cube 20 ft. Shipping Container 1,320 cubic ft. 37.4 cubic m
Weight of 20 ft. Containers
Type of Container Tare Weight
Tare Weight
Max Cargo
Weight (lbs)
Max Cargo
Weight (kg)
Standard 20 ft. Shipping Container 4,409 lbs 2,000 kg 67,200 lbs 30,480 kg
High Cube 20 ft. Shipping Container 4,629 lbs 2,100 kg 67,200 lbs 30,480 kg

How Much Does a 20’ Shipping Container Cost?

20’ Shipping Containers for Rent or Sale

The sections below will help further illustrate how to determine the amount of money you’ll spend on a 20 foot shipping container.

Check out our guide to buying a shipping container for more great information to help you in the purchasing and preparation process.

Ask yourself the following questions when estimating the price:

  • Will you be renting or buying your 20 foot shipping container?
  • Will you be shopping for a new or used condition container?
  • Will you be buying a specialty container with unique height requirements or door layouts?
  • How far will the container need to ship to get to your destination?

What Types of 20 Foot Shipping Containers Can I purchase?

New and Used 20 Foot Shipping Containers - Shop Conditions

One Trip

Shopping for a NEW container means you simply get the best in quality. Your 20 foot container will show up at your home or job site in pristine condition.

Cargo Worthy

These are the highest quality USED containers that you’ll find when buying or renting units. Cargo Worthy containers have been inspected and deemed worthy of holding and protecting cargo for transport. Often contain minor imperfections such as surface rust, dings, or dents.

Wind and Water Tight

These USED containers are best equipped to handle static storage of your items. Containers have been inspected to ensure they don’t allow wind and water events to damage your belongings.

As Is

As-is 20 foot containers are best suited for customers that are unconcerned with significant defects or are handi-enough to fix them, themselves. Often the most affordable, yet customers need to be prepared for holes in the plywood flooring or inoperable doors.

20 Foot Shipping Container Height - Shop High Cube and Standard Containers

As laid out above in the dimensions tables, shipping containers come in standard and high cube heights. Standard shipping containers are 8 feet 6 inches tall. High Cube containers give customers another foot of space and stand 9 feet 6 inches tall. The added volume and weight make high cube containers cost slightly more than their standard counterparts.

Standard Doors
Double Door Shipping Containers
Open Side Containers

20 Foot Shipping Container Door Styles

20 foot shipping containers come with a variety of door layouts. Open side containers have side doors allowing you to access your materials via the long side of the container. Double door shipping containers give you the ability to enter from either short end of the container via sets of cargo doors. Doors on both ends allow you to easily pull items in and all the way through the other side as needed.