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Shop 10 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale
Anywhere in the United States

Container 10foot

*10 Foot Containers are in much shorter supply than the other common size containers.
It may take additional time to source this particular size.

Benefits and Common Uses of 10 ft Steel Shipping Containers

  • Extra Small Shipping Container Size Fits Almost Anywhere
  • Great way to store or move personal items
  • Ground level containers makes it easy to climb in-and-out safely
  • Lock up construction tools and small property items
  • Keep your materials out of the weather elements
  • Portable and relocatable to adapt to your site easily
  • Make great personal sheds for yard work tools and gardening storage

*Not all container sizes and conditions are available for rent, please check our inventory or contact us to inquire about any options you do not see on our online store.

Price Range to Buy

$3,000 - $4,500

What fits in a 10 Foot Shipping Container?

10 ft. metal shipping containers are one of the more rare and unique shipping container sizes. When available, they can offer an excellent storage solution for spaces where the more common 20’ and 40’ options can't fit or aren't needed. For the precise dimensions of a 10 foot container, check out the tables below:

10 ft. Shipping Container Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions of 10 ft. Containers
Type of Container Height Height
Width Width
Length Width
Standard 10 foot Shipping Container 8 ft.6 in. 2.59m 8ft. 2.44m 10 ft. 3.05m
Internal 10 Foot Container Dimensions
Type of Container Height Height
Width Width
Length Length
Standard 10 foot Shipping Container 7 ft. 10 in. 2.38m 7 ft. 8.5 in. 2.35m 9 ft. 2 in. 2.79m
Volume of 10 ft. Containers
Type of Container Volume Volume
Standard 10 ft. Shipping Container 563 cu. ft. 15.95 cu. m.
Weight of 10 ft. Containers
Type of Container Tare Weight
Tare Weight
Max Cargo
Weight (lbs)
Max Cargo
Weight (kg)
Standard 10 ft. Shipping Container 2,850 lbs. 1,300 kg 19,530 lbs. 8858.7 kg

How Much Does a 10 Foot Shipping Container Cost?

10’ Shipping Containers for Rent or Sale

Container 10foot

You might notice that 10 foot containers come with a relatively higher price tag than their 20 foot and 40 foot container counterparts. This is due to a more labor intensive process in which 20 foot duocon containers are split and endwalls are welded on to produce the smaller container.

Additionally, these containers are only sold in new/1-trip condition. As shown above, these containers typically cost $3,000-$4500 when available.

Check out our guide to buying a shipping container for more great information to help you in the purchasing and preparation process.